Friday, May 27, 2011

A Perilous Affair Out Again

Inspiration for our books come from many sources.

In April of 1985 a friend and I sat in a darkened theater and watched the incredible love story of Ladyhawke. A curse cast onto lovers leaving them together yet apart. She has a hawk during the daylight hours and he as a wolf roaming the nights.

I wasn’t writing paranormal then and it wasn’t all that popular, but the idea of lovers parted in such a way had my imagination going full bore. I knew I’d have to write my version of Ladyhawke. In fact, the friend sitting with me said she knew that look on my face and that a book was going to follow.

Since I wrote contemporary I thought of two lovers who worked for a government agency. The type who were soulmates, but something horrific happened to separate them. Her knowing it was for the best and he thinking she was killed.

Until they come together a few years later except she has a new name, new face, and even a new personality. The question is will he still recognize what’s in her heart? And is there a chance that the cold-blooded killer who had been searching for her would find her again and force her to face her worst fears.

When my agent read the synopsis she called me up and screamed “I didn’t know you could write romantic suspense!” Clueless me said “I didn’t either.” I was writing about two long lost lovers. To this day, this book is one of my favorites such as Ladyhawke is still one of my favorite movies.

Even better, I was able to give A Perilous Affair a new life. Look for two lovers, a man standing in their way, a villain who wants our heroine dead, and yes, romantic suspense I didn’t know I could write. :}

Below you’ll find where the book is carried. I hope you’ll give it a try.

A PERILOUS AFFAIR (Dell Candlelight Supreme published 1987)
She had a new name, a new face, a new identity – even a new personality. For ex-agent Mari Chandler, the past was dead and gone. Only her love for Reid Morgan refused to die. She went back to Mexico determined to let that love go. What had brought Reid to the same place at the same time with the same idea? He thought her a stranger, but soon there were the same burning kisses, the same deep, hungry needs. To surrender her secret would put both their lives in peril. Once they’d been in mortal danger … danger that still lurked in the shadows. Mari knew their lives depended on her playing a cool game, but how could she extinguish the blaze of love that ignites her heart?

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