Monday, February 14, 2011

Fluff and Puff Looking For Love

The conest is closed, but there will be another one next month and once I have my virtual tour for guest blogs and interview finalized I'll be posting it here. There will be a lot of fun contests there also.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Fluff looked over Barney’s shoulder as the mini Schnauzer tapped away on the laptop keyboard.

“I watch Mom do this every day,” the dog insisted, waving him off with a paw.

“This won’t work,” Puff groused, rummaging in a drawer.

“You better get out of Linda’s chocolate stash,” Barney warned. “If she finds that See’s box empty of her Bordeauxs she’ll be having Jazz lock you up for the next thousand years.” He groaned as he watched an empty white box fly into the air and fall over. “I shouldn’t even do this for you!”

“Sure you will. Or we’ll tell Linda YOU were the one in her chocolate.” Puff wiped chocolate off his face.

Barney uttered doggy curses as he returned to the computer.

“Here we go, Freaklist. See anyone you like?” He sat back on his haunches so his fuzzy buddies could get a peek.

“Eh, you could do better.” Fluff scrunched up his nose.

“He doesn’t understand our world,” Puff reminded his cohort.

“Wait ‘til I’m in a book,” Barney muttered.

The bunny slippers hooted. “You’ll never be in one of Linda’s books!’

“Ha! She’s already got plans for me.” The small dog smirked.

“As what? A miniature Yeti?” The two slippers rolled around the floor in laughter.

“Oh, you’ll see.” Barney already saw himself as a true star. He continued scrolling down. “I’m going to make you guys total toast when it’s my turn.”

Fluff rolled over as a flash of pink caught his eye. “Yes!” He shot over to the laptop and used his ear to tap the keys. “Puff!” His fuzzy partner in crime was soon beside him. “So pretty,” he breathed.

Puff practically crawled over his friend to stare lovingly at the pink bunny high-heeled slippers named Val N Tine.

“I’m in love,” he cooed. “Email them! Now!”

Barney clicked away then reared back, almost falling back on his butt. “Whoa! You guys better be prepared to grovel big time.”

“Why?” Fluff demanded.

“Fifi and Pam live with Cupid.”

The bunny slippers thought of all the damage they’d done to Cupid’s digs.

“How many chocolate truffles do you think it will take to make him like us again?” Fluff asked.

“Get Krebs’ black AmEx,” Puff told him. “And any other credit card you can find!”

Barney looked at the smears of chocolate on the carpet, the mini blinds, the ceiling?, and the furniture. “You better get a boatload of See’s Bordeaux for Linda too, cuz no way I’m taking the blame for this.”

“There’s a way out,” Puff said, heading for a cabinet and pulling out a book. “We are so going to meet those babes!”

And in celebration of our new loves, we are offering up a signed Advanced Reading Copy of Linda’s April release, Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend. Oh yeah, we’ll get Linda to sign it for you!

The winner will be chosen from the comments left on Barney, Fluff, and Puff’s Valentine post from 12:01 AM to 11:59 PM, February 14, 2011. Chances of winning is determined by the number of comments. The contest is open to US and international readers.


  1. Goes to show all paranormal creatures need and want love too!

  2. I love those slippers, too! :) Can't wait for the new book to come out. Thanks!

  3. Thanks! LOL.. Now I have visions of my three dachshunds on the computer with my baby (3 month old pup) in the background wagging her lil tail.

    My male daschie would take those slippers and run to chew on

  4. Fluff and Puff You will need to get Fifi and Pam some chocolates also and some flowers will be nice. Good Luck with your new loves.

  5. Love the pink slippers. Gonna have to share the chocolates with the new girls.

  6. The mention of See's Bordeaux are making me drool a little. Hope Fluff and Puff are able to make amends with Cupid. Everyone, or everything, deserves a little love in their lives.

  7. My grand kids would love Fluff and Puff. Although with my bunch I only give them a 20% chance of survival... LOL

    I'd also love to win the autographed ARC so I could post a timely review.

  8. LOL!!!! I love it!!! I see a long line of wooing in store for our Fluff and Puff heroes!

  9. Fluff and Puff are so much trouble! So looking forward to reading the new book! Also makes me wonder where my slippers are now?? I'm sure one of my crazy greyhouds are chewing on them as we speak!

  10. Heh. That's all Jazz needs: another pair of sentient Bunny Slippers. Almost feel sorry for her.

  11. And can't you imagine the foursome on a date? At least these slippers aren't like Croc and Delilah in Hex Appeal. Fluff and Puff would be running for the hills then!

  12. Barney's gonna rock in his book!!! I just know it!!! :)

  13. Fluff and Puff has a great idea when they got the book out ! But every great book should have a great box of chocolates to enjoy with it ! So I think they should get the box of chocolates for linda and one each for there new loves! I can't wait to have Barney he sounds so cute and Fluff and Puff shouldn't of picked on him ! It also just shows everyone needs love and there is always someone out there just for you ! Even if you are pink fuzzy slippers like Fluff and Puff ; ) Happy Valentine's Day Everyone !

  14. I just love Fluff and Puff but I think they can do better than the pink high heel slippers. Can't wait for the next book.

  15. Thank you. I just love Fluff and Puff. I can't wait for your next book.

  16. Yes, Fluff and Puff need to head to See's for more of my milk chocolate bordeaux. Except they're banned from the store. Let's just say empty boxes of chocolates, the counter pretty much trashed ... it was bad. At least I don't have to disguise myself to get in the door.

  17. Fluff and Puff are going to be in big trouble when mom gets home.

    I have one question. Where did you find those slippers. I soooooooo want a pair. Cant wait for the new read.

    P.S. Don't be too hard on Fluff and Puff.

    tcwgrlup41 at

  18. Trouble is their middle name.

    I just happened to come across the slippers when I was looking for pink bunny slippers. They're called streetzies and I guess they're not available any longer. At least the site I found them at don't have them. Too bad.

  19. There is a site with the slippers!

  20. Love the bunny slippers! Looking forward to reading more of Jazz's escapades...

  21. omg! I love those darn bunny slippers. Maneating or not!Those pink bunny slippers are to die for

  22. I took a nap after I read this and did my first post, and I had a dream that I had live bunny slippers. They weren't bad slippers, just real!! I wish!!!

  23. I so love Fluff and Puff - they make me want a pair of bunny slippers and I'm pretty sure the two of them would send my puppy running for cover.

    I know they can get around Cupid, but I think they'll need mass chocolate, champagne, flowers and more chocolate to win the pink slippers of their dreams.

  24. Fluff and Puff are great (and the pink slippers are fantastic). Looking forward to reading about Jazz and the rest of the crazy characters.

  25. I totally understand Fluff and Puff's lust for those beautiful pink girls...I'm hearting on them also! My brother turned me on to See's peanut chocolate candy bars at Christmas See's around the Central part of Illinois so I made a special trip to St. Louis just to get those candy bars....I was in Heaven the whole way back to Springfield until my honey said, "Where are the See's candy bars?" I looked at him with guilt smeared in chocolate all over my face and said, "the store was closed."

    Ambrose, my long haired black shepherd, said that he would love to read Barney's story and thought they should buddy up so his name would also appear in the book!

    Gina Growe in Springfield Illinois where the sun is shining, melting the snow and ice and causing massive mud pies in the backyard much to the delight of three long haired German shepherds!

  26. Fluff and Puff are donating a pair of their cousins for the Brenda Novak auction for juvenile diabetes along with a bunch of hexy goodies that goes with all the books along with signed copies of all the books. I'll be posting info on that closer to May.

  27. I love the name Ambrose for a shepherd, Gina!

    Barney is great with other dogs too.

  28. I Googled "Bunny slippers" and look who I found lurking in the bunny shoe store: