Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We'll Miss You Art Linkletter

If you're a certain age you'll remember The Art Linkletter Show and the kids who were interviewed on there. His books Kids Say The Darnedest Things.

I was eleven when my school was invited to be on the show and I was chosen to be one of the kids.

Talk about a wow moment! We kids rode in a limo, were treated to a fancy lunch, and asked lots of questions. After all, they did want us kids to come up with funny quips. Mr. Linkletter came in and talked to us, asked questions, and worked the ones he liked into our spot on the show.

Even now, I still remember a lot from that day and how ironic that we received transitor radios, a certificate for tennis shoes, and a globe. Why ironic? I wanted a portable radio and I thought I'd have to wait for Christmas.

Art Linkletter was very nice to we kids and it was the kind of day any kid should have for a fun memory. I know I'm glad I have that day.



  1. We lost a wonderful man. It's sad that the younger generation will never have anybody like Art Linkletter to remember.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. That's true. I think that's why I enjoy watching so many of the vintage TV programs. It's fun to reconnect with them.

    We watch Mannix xometimes and my mom wonders how many concussions he's had and my husband wonders how he runs so much in hard shoes. :}

  3. I love watching old TV shows too. LOL re Mannix running in hard soled shoes! It's true!

  4. Isn't it though, Tori?

    What was funny was the first time I saw An Officer and a Gentleman with a friend and a character in it was wearing a dress I owned.