Thursday, December 17, 2009

30 Years and Still Hexy!

Thirty years ago today I managed a personnel office where I placed executives in the accounting field. I also had written two romance novels.

I’d begun reading romances and tended to say, “I could write one of these!” After all, I had wanted to be a writer since the day I could pick up a crayon.

They say write what you know, but I’m not entirely sure I did that since I chose a ballerina heroine and we won’t even talk about my time in ballet class. And I even based the heroine’s looks on my best friend, who was also my first beta reader.

What I thought would take a short time to write actually took close to nine months and after I finished that book, I wrote another. Now it was time to find out if my efforts could find a home.

Silhouette Books was brand spanking new, not even on the shelves yet, and looking for authors.

What a great place for my books! A month after they were submitted to the publisher, I got THE CALL.

And what a day for that. It was my wedding anniversary and I had a gorgeous silk plant arrangement in my office courtesy of my husband, good boy for remembering, and I had lunch with a client who, for some reason I talked about my writing, and he was genuinely interested! Who knew I’d return to my office and be there for barely five minutes when my agent called to say Silhouette wanted to buy both books? I’m sure the entire building heard my screams.

What a beginning for me.

A month later, I was writing full time. Ironic thing about that was because my boss fired me accusing me of writing my books on company time. Considering all that I did, there was no way that happened, but that was fine. It meant I had to see if I could make it as a writer.

So what do you think? I’m still writing 30 years later.

And an easy way for my husband to never forget my anniversary!



  1. Oh Linda. What a wonderful story. I love that this happened on your anniversary. I can't wait for my chance to scream like that. I don't know if you've ever seen the movie "That Thing You Do", my favorite part is when they are all at different locations but hearing their song on the radio for the very first time. The joy, the screams, the laughter gets me every time. I always cry during that part and I imagine that is exactly how you felt when you got THE CALL!

    ANd way too funny that your boss fired you. I bet he drops your name from time to time. Did you know Linda Wisdom worked for me?

  2. Thanks Elle. I remember that part of the movie! It was very cool.

    Karma ruled. Her husband later divorced her, she lost the house and full custody of their son to him. All because she was arrogant.