Monday, November 9, 2009

Here Kitty Kitty

Maggie looked around the room that belonged in a museum then back to the man seated on a high backed chair that she swore resembled a throne. Gorgeous was an understatement where he was concerned. Midnight black hair, cobalt blue eyes and a body made for a centerfold. She reminded herself she was here on business, not to mentally seduce the man who was paying her to design a summerhouse for him.

But it didn't stop her from dreaming, did it? Judging from the smile in his eyes, he was equally interested. No so his feline companion. Since she wasn't fond of cats, she had no idea if it was Persian, Siamese or something else exotic. She only knew the bronze -furred, green-eyed creature looked at her as if Maggie belonged in her litter box. Maggie made a mental note to stay out of claw's reach. The cat had draped itself along the chair arm where Dante could stroke the cat's back in slow strokes that Maggie imagined were trailing across her own skin. She really must get out more!
"If you don't mind I'd like to look at the area again," she said with a wary smile in the cat's direction. "Of course." Dante smiled back. She rose from her chair and made her escape. She'd barely taken three steps out of the room when she heard a woman's voice.
"Are you honestly sure you want to use her?" the woman asked.
"She's lovely, don't you think?" Dante said.
"Only if you like them flat-chested and mousy."
Flat-chested and mousy? She was a respectable 34B, thank you very much and had just gotten highlights that cost a small fortune.
Curious, Maggie crept back toward the room and peeked around the corner. A tall woman lounged, there was no way you could say she was merely sitting, on the chaise by Dante's throne, uh, chair. Her hair was the same rich bronze shade as the cat's fur. Even her form-fitting silk dress echoed the same luxurious color.
I wonder if she dyes her hair to match the cat, was Maggie's catty thought as she carefully backed away and moved to the rear of the house to finish her work. When she returned to the room, Dante was alone with only the cat for company.
Maggie felt her smile slip. She swore that damn cat smirked at her.
"Did I hear voices?" she said. "If you have company, I can come back another time."
"No, that's all right," Dante assured her, running his long-fingered hand along the cat's back. "There is just myself and my cat."
Linda Wisdom copyright 2009

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